I'm thinking of adding a expanded links page to the site. I dunno. I updated the poll thingy. like 15 people voted allready. That put a big grin on my face. Now if I could only get all of you to make some noise in the message board my life would be allmost complete. I updated it and made some changed. I think I also fixed it so that you don't even have to be registered to use it. So go write alot of stuff in there. Rock!

And man its sooooooo snowing here. I fucking love winter. I am so happy its snowing. Snow just means more having to stay inside and snuggling with my girl to stay warm. Darn!

I just saw this on usr/bin/girl and figured I would post it because its all 50% off and I fucking love sales.

I am really really amazed that a subliminal message tape can make my wang bigger. But I guess I would try anything. And I guess if I was going to get any kind of enlargment process done I would definatly BARGIN SHOP. Why pay more for enormous ta-tas when you can get a below market negotiated price on your boobjob. I have a strong feeling that most of the doctors are much like that doctor on the simpsons. I hate some people.

Here is a site if you ever wanted to know about your favorite heavy metal singers size of his junk.

Erotic stories are pretty cool. Here are two sites for them. Here is one that is a bit odd.

And here are two sites that I found interesting.

Lets see what else I have here in my sex urls folder. Oh a couple funnyish sites for you. The cyrano server will hook you up if you are too shy to write a nice lovely letter yourself. I guess if you are a bigtime do it yourselfer then this is for you. Seems like quite a big project to me though.
Are you looking to go cruising? Don't want to do it alone? Don't have any friends to ask? Then this site is for you!
This is probably one of the weirdest fetishes I have ever seen, well second to this. Ok maybe its not the WEIRDEST, but its close.. Weird weird weird. And here is a site to get you allready for your next trip to Thailand. Now I would soooo buy into this crazy ass ISP.. This is worse then Pokemon sex, because at least pokemon is cool. Blech of the day folks. Definate blech of the day.

Well its allmost work time. I think I am going to do alot of my christmas shopping online this year. I plan on sending alot of christmas cards online too now.

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