Hey there hi there ho there

I'm working on rewriting that huge post so to tide you over I am gonna get some links up homey!

Since there is no such thing as enough good ideas here is a site to get some fresh ideas. Here is another. And here you can find out strange uses for normal household items.

Sweet god there are alot of people in the US. Its cool because you can refresh it and see the number raise.

Your Pokéname is Humnerd. You live in the blazing deserts of Libya, and your diet consists mostly of wolves, garbage and wine. I can breathe fire. I can throw nunchucks. I can shoot lightning. My natural enemy is Squirtle. You can go here to find out your pokéname!

Last night I had to clean the crap out of a keyboard here at work (thanks Scott!). And I remembered how much I really used to enjoy taking things apart and finding out how things worked.

Formen.ign.com is pretty tight. I have alot of respect for a good DJ.

I wish I had known about this site a few years ago when I used to be a very very very very bad kid.

Sometimes you just have had enough and need to tell your boss how it is. Terry Funk can help.

Wow a crazy that has some good ideas!

I have been reading this site for awhile and it is definatly going up as a link on the left.

Cory sends me alot of links. He sent me this site quite some time ago and its got alot of good stuff on it. BUT its in spanish. But click random links till you get to the videos.

I want one of these plaques for my desk at home.

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