Site stuff and posty stuff and stuff

Site stuff first. Cory made a new banner and it fucking kicks the most ass. Its updated on all the skins. I also switched the banner over to vectorstar instead of my old geocities space because I noticed it lagged a little on the load sometimes. The awesome guys at vectorstar swapped drives the other day too so that crazy stop during the load seems to be gone now too. I just noticed the archives link on the left was broken too. So thats fixed. As far as I can tell everything is working perfect. Make sure to email me if you see anything broken.

Now the big news for today FUCKING SODAPLAY WAY UPDATED THEIR SHIT!!!!!
Sweet god now you can save your models and you can also email them to people. There are alot of cool models allready saved check out these:
The yoyo - fucking stunning.
Trampoline - simple but cool.
Internal engine - wow. shiney!
Snowmanguy - CUTE!!!!!!!!!

More to come when I get to work.

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