Shiney things

Shiney things are my favorite things. I could just play with a ball of tinfoil for like hours on end. I love love love shiney things. I love the interweb because of the sheer volume of shiney shit that is all over it. Take of example some of the cool ass games I have found. Exploding sheep is really fun once you figure out that the instructions that they give you don't work. The reflex tester is way addictive. If you beat my score let me know! And here is another game called reflex that is super fucking shiney! And here are a couple cool java games over here too. Scott my good buddy has some good javagames over on his site too. But don't go there until he gets fucking moon lander. I WANT MOONLANDER SCOTT!!!

Oh god. This is a online photoshop for the shineyly challanged. With music too. Hours of fun!

And then check out this kinda cool avatar chat thing. Pretty cool considering it is all flash. And sissyfight is pretty fun as well.

OOOOOOooo A lite bright online. I made a Jonsnews logo with it. So its pretty cool and stuff.

And these pickup lines are the shit! So are anagrams.

A couple last cool things are the movie cliche page.

I love illusions. A good optical illusion makes me giggly.

Everyone knows the stories. Go read some urban legends.

Bottle mail is pretty cool. It takes the old concept of tossing a note in a bottle into the sea into the information age.

I don't have to go into work until 3 tommorow so more post tommorow.

*updated at 0200 by Jon*
My buddy Scott issued me a challange on his site with the reflex tester. I came thru in true style.

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