Woah. A sunday post.

Right. Sometimes I find myself just staring at the screen in wonderment at the sheer..... I don't even know how to explain it. It's sites like this. Why?
It all makes my head hurt. I guess its just furryism taken too far. Honestly it is one of the weirdest sites I have ever seen. Ever. And this site still has me shaking my head. ARGHHH I can't comprehend what would make someone make this site. The head is a definate click on this one. SWEETBREADS!! MOO! So is mankind doomed or what? I mean with people like these running around out on the streets. The world is full of the weird people. Its all good though. Because then you have the flip side of the coin. You have the terminally cool people. The people that kick so much ass that you get bruises 4 miles away.

Well this is the list that makes me and many other people decide what they want for christmas. I wait for this list every year!! I WANT! And speaking of my christmas list. Here it is for this year. All the overly expensive stuff that I want in the world!

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