Yeah straight from the top of my dome. As I rock rock rock a microphone

HAHAHAHHAHA someone found my site thru altavista by searching for THIS!!!

I got alot of weird links for you guys today. Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday. The frontend webpage that I use to post was down.. Anyways.

I love how in our society we are completely sue-crazy I mean sure some deserve it. But sometimes its insane. Speaking of insane, since I am in a pretty whacky mood I think I am going to post the absolute wackyiest links that I have been saving up.

First of all we have dog diapers. Let me repeate that DOG FUCKING DIAPERS! Go there. Watch the video.

AHHHH this guy is scarier then Sweettooth on those twister metal commercials. This guy IS the reason for sites like this.

Uhhhhh riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhttt.

Oh god I think I just bought and uhhh oh god. I don't even know.

This guy needs a hobby. I mean really really needs a fucking hobby. Why do people allways have to ruin my childhood things??


I guess these guys were the epitomy of weird. So fucked up. I remember when this happened and how surreal it all seems looking back at it now..

This was a little more interesting then it was weird. But still weird.

Personally I think this sounds better then popcorn to go along with a nice movie in the theater. Allmost as fucking nuts as the packaged pickels they sell here at the movies. PACKED WITH JUICE!!!

Man I hope Joelseph is enjoying his cable modem. While I'm thinking of joel here is a site for him.

Riiiiiiiight.. Stoner chicks. Yeah they are hot. Hot like a fucking furry (Honestly folks I sooooooo don't have a furry thing. I promise). Oh yeah and this is the guy that made all those crazy Jetson porn cartoons and stuff. Hes odd.

OH JOY! 70s porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a nice little pyramid scheme that will make you all happy.

You think alot of people find this site on search engines?

Well thats it for now. I will try to squeeze off another post before I leave for my girls after work. I will try to keep up the posts even with the holidays

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