we have the technology? god no! the technology has US!

I'm odd today. The whole world is off its rocker. I didn't get to post last night like I wanted to because blogger crashed and lost my post and that made me have to go play icewind dale. I'm really sorry for the lack of posting lately. Its been a busy week. I assure you that posting will resume to above par next week (after my training is done). But when I don't get to post alot I get TONS of urls built up. So this will be mostly a hemmorage post. But bear in mind these first couple featured links:

The thin H line is the most fucked up comic. EVER. Its.. Odd.. Go read it alot.
This movie is so fucking funny. Its pretty big though.
Go check out these violent midgets!
Check out the 10 worst video games ever. How many have you played?

So for now I will just toss some up fresh links for you all to feast on. Jonsnews just want to say word up to my good friend hootie who is out of commission right now with a dead power fan.
Go to all the links. I wouldn't drag and drop a URL that wasn't shit.
Peace easy.
Oh yeah I am also working on some really cool stuff for the site too. So keep a eye on that too.

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