Internet, you make me want to walk like a camel

I love the internet. Where else could I find shit like this? I am so serious that I stumble across all of this stuff I find. I have about 30 sites that I go to daily and then from there I follow links and if that site doesn't have anything good then I find a link off there to some other site and follow until I find something crazy.
Sometimes I hit paydirt right off the bat. Like today. One of my first destionations is www.portalofevil.com I usually just check out the last three days worth of links. And then right away this. BAM my day starts with furry.
I didn't go anywhere looking for it. It just finds me. I swear. I cannot get the furry out of my life. Its scarey folks. I don't post all the furry links because I like them. I post it hopeing that the furry-demons get out of my head.

And shit like this. I don't go looking for it. It just finds me. I am a weird magnet. My life is made so weird weird weird weird(scroll down on that one folks.) by the fucking internet. I am afraid to wake up some days. Becuase I know after about two clicks of my mouse some page will find me and is going to effect my entire day.
I think maybe I am cursed. I'm not gay. I'm not into furries. I am a straight 20 year old male with a wonderful relationship with a terribly hot female that isn't into scat or dressing up like a fucking chicken or anything weird. I'm so fucking vanilla its sad. But then I get on a computer and weird surrounds me. I get to work and spout out urls like "go here guys" or "check this out scott"
Ok maybe sometimes I go looking for it a little. I just wanted you all to know that if you go to google and seach for goatse this page is the second fucking hit!!

Well Thats it for right now. I am going to sign off and head to worky work. Maybe make a post there. We will see. But enjoy those links for now and know that I have a folder on my desktop right now with about 408 more urls in it to post and its growing every fucking time I sit at a computer.

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