But Mistah Cah-taire

I would like to just say welcome back me. I missed myself. Now back to your regular unschedualed semi constant posting.

Before my trip I bought girl and I a cell phone. Its not quite as useful as this model. Allthough its not the model that I would have necessiarly chosen if money was not a issue.

Girl and I are also starting to gear up towards getting our own new place and all the "stuff" that is associated with that. Well I think I at least have our coffee pot picked out. I think maybe we could use a little Dr. Suess art too. That would be tight!

Oh god this site is fucked up HARD CORE

Well I just fell asleep typing this so i aaam going to sleepy beddy bear land now. night.

I've come back to the dark side because of the powers it promises me. I prefer the shortest path to great rewards. Thats why I have come back to join the sith. I once was a jedi for the light side. But the promises of the dark side have lured me back. I must say that I am VERY excited about the x-box. Even more so then I was for the PS2. But it seems that those pesky jedi have gotten ahold of our some of our design processes for the deathconsssoooooeeeeeeeeerrr I mean uhhh the x-box *wipes forehead* I said x-box. No I wasn't starting to say deathconsole. Why would I say that? Uhhh so anyways.

This thing is FUCKING CRAZY!!! I WANT ONE!!!

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