Oh Look I'm Jon, I like to bitch!

Since this is a huge outlet for me to bitch to the world I would like to take a moment or two of your time to talk about how much total cock my computer smokes.

My computer smokes alot of cock.

I hate my computer

My computer does not kick a antelopes sweaty booty hole.

My computer BLOWS

My computer took about 10 minutes to open up a 1.2 meg .jpg today.

My computer takes longer to open photoshop then it does for me to reboot it.

I double click on photoshop. Go to the kitchen. Get a drink. Drink some of it. Come back. And its still loading fonts. ARgh.

Photoshop honestly takes about 6 minutes to open.

And god I wasn't thinking the other day and opened photoshop AND frontpage at the same time. Goodnight gracey. You can forget that noise.

Oh and something else I would like to talk about is something that I used to take GREAT pride in. I used to be pretty good at video games. I mean. I wasn't the best... but I could hold my own. I mean I fucking grew up with a paddle in my hand. This weekend Jamie beat me at about 15 consecutive games of Dr. Mario. She was also kicking ass in Super Mario 3. Awhile ago we went to Ft. Wayne and we went to puttputt. I thought I was going to go out and flex my mini-gulf badassness and impress my girl. SHE FUCKING WHOOPED ME. And then we went into the arcade and we were playing this VR tank game. Major ass-spankage. I mean.. I didn't even have a fucking chance. She smoked me. BAD.

She is hella good at video games. God that rocks. It was so fucking cool just sitting together on the couch for like 2 hours playing Super Mario three and getting spanked at Dr. Mario. I think every time she beat me she felt a little bad so I got extra kisses out of the deal..heheheh I would have to say I am going to be getting married to he perfect woman. She is beutiful. She is incredibly funny. And not only does she not have a problem with my love for video games. She will play them with me. She will probably beat me too.

I guess I am still pretty good at video games. I haven't lost it. Jamie is just better. And that fucking rocks. This second point was definatly not a bitch. It was more me bragging up the wonderfullness of my girl.

Now some links. (for some reason when I tried to type some it came out slong. And then I just removed the L and thought it was spelled correctly. My brain is fucked up)

It looks like cyberpunk is getting closer and closer. YAY!

This is fucked up.

Next christmas someone better hook me the fuck up with one of these or I will cry like a girl.

God this is going to be better then the aibo.

List of things I like:
Beef stew
Video games

I would like you all to notice the startling lack of "Work" or "My job" on there at the present.
I guess on that note its time for me to head into this place I call my job. Best mix some bleach and ammonia and sniff heartily before I head out.
I will try to post more in a bit. YAY 12 hour day!

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