I had a really good title to this post. But my dotcom ate it.

Really. I did. It was witty and would have made you all laugh and pee yourselves. But blogger shit on me while it was posting and this awesome title was lost..
Ah well.

You know. There was a time that Evil Knievel was the utter and total shit. I mean. I used to fucking play with his action figure. I don't even know how to feel about this..

I was in the middle of writing this post. And talking to scott and everything and I kinda went off on my site. I think I just fixed a few things that were really bugging me and added something really cool. First of all I pimped out the right link bar so it looks like the left one now. And second I added a "Random search thing to get here" thing. I just take those from the referer logs. Everytime you reload the page it will display a new one.
I added a couple links over on the left too.

One of the links I added was under the comics area. Its for zippy the pinhead. If you have never read zippy before (and even if you have) this is a great resource for it.

Oh man. People are pretty fucking dumb.

If you watched survivor the other night you will soooooo appreciate this.

I find this very disturbing.

Buy a Geek t-shirt!

I got a few more things on deck for the site I will be working on tommorow. I want to get a new non-ad voting thing over there. And also have another treat for you all. Stay tooned. I also think its a good time to go thru and fix all the subpages that are broken (like my fucking advanced search that has the skin from HALLOWEEN ON IT)

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