I am moving tomorrow, can Ginger help ?

Well I guess tomorrow is the wrong statement, since it is now 3:44am on Sunday. Guess I should be heading to bed to prepare for all the heavy lifting and crap tomorrow. God I hate moving. I dont mind the new places, or the arranging stuff or unpacking. I hate the packing and carrying. Blah, well hopefully Dean Kamen's new secret invention Ginger can help me.

So BUY ME ONE NOW ! Yes that's right lads and lasses, Amazon is taking Pre-Orders on GINGER !!

Today's Quote comes from E-Online :

"They [legendary actors Cary Grant and Randolph Scott] denied a romantic relationship, of course. But that's not surprising, considering that back when Grant and Scott were living together, being gay was about as much of a career booster as being a Communist."

Could you imagine being a gay and a communist back then ?

There isnt a more endangered species on our planet than a black, jewish, flaming-gay, drag queen who wants a sex change operation to become a full woman so she can then marry a white chatholic lesbian to raise a family in Colorado. Buddy, I know you are out there and I know you are reading this site, because - hell JonsNews is the shit, everyone here at JonsNews is behind you 100% ! Fight the MAN !

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