I promised a update today so i am going to hook you all up. The script I want to run won't work on my server. The scipt that I do use is going thru upgrades.

Check this out. Better then am I hot or not.

Now I have a beef with creationist. Check out this.

I am pretty sure that I have discussed my complete and total loathing of the demon known as the "BoogieBass" here before. I fucking hate it. Well here is a use for it. Stuff thats hackable is fucking cool Especially the hacked furby.

The onion is the ONLY good thing to ever come out of wisconsin in my opinion. Ugh.

I'm probably the only one suprised that these losers met at a iron maiden concert...

Since i'm "From canadia" and I "remember the 80's" this is the ultimate site for me.

My friends I think its time for you to meet some of my heros.

This chick is completely screwed.

I just wanna shout out Hootie Hooo to all my dogs.

I didn't think I could possibly hate goths more. Maybe if a goth and a raver got married. Blech.

I don't really see how this is geeky. But there are some funny ones there.

Is your clock set right?

God I would love one of these!

Oh fucking yay! This just makes me want to vomit.

Ok well thats it for now.. my first real update in some time. Peace easy my friends. I will be back after this weekend. I have wedding planning to do with my darling fiancee

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