After a pretty long night last night and a even longer day today the new layout and everything is done. I like it. Its got bits and pieces of stuff that I just thought were cool. If you don't like it feel free to use any of the other flavors of jonsnews to see the same exact content (selectable over on the left.) Infact if you have a favorite just bookmark that exact page. The only drawback is that I won't be updateing the single sidebar anymore as I have switched over to the double sidebars in hopes of breaking up all the crap that was getting shoved into just one. The store is not quite done yet. But should be up very soon. So keep checking in. A actual post with content will follow this one.

*edited by Jon* I'm holding this and all other posting until I get the design and the store up. So if you are reading this before seeing the new design i fucked up somewhere

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