The king is gone but not forgotten. This is the story of JonnyRotten

I think JonnyRotten has been my nickname since I was born. My uncle used to allways call me that and it stuck.
Not sure why I bring this up. But yeah.

Hmm lets see what I have for you all this morning.

OH GOD!!! yeah. I was cooking this morning. Making this shit called cottage pie. Oh god its very good. But it was baking and shit in the oven and I smelled some smoke... So I went into the kitchen and was like.. Hmmm oh look the grease and juice is just spilling over onto the burners. So I reached in to put a cookie tin under the thing and then WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHH all the shit on the bottom of the oven flamed up!!!
So I decided to whack the thing that was cooking spilling ever more grease on the fire.

It was fun..

My food allways seems to be lacking something though. This recipe is REALLY good though.

HAHAHAHHA oh man. This site ROCKS!
And this is a funny idea!

Well today I found yet another good thing to come out of wisconsin. Add this to my whopping list of "the onion and cheese". I also found a couple other good duct tape sites. And of course if you are going to get some duct tape clothes then you want a duct tape wallet.

Oh god they have done it once again. They have stolen another idea from my brain. Those mind reading bastards! Argh!
I think I will be adding this site to my link bar soon.

Well I have decided to see the movie Snatch. It actually is looking rather good.

YAY! yet another resource towards making my own giant robot that will smash things as I command it to.

I kind of figured that Microsofts crazy naming scheme was leading towards something.

Watch what you eat.. you never know if you are looking at an innocent bowl of soup or a deadly warrior in disguise, silently waiting for the opportunity to transform and attack! This is the secret world of the Lunchbot.

This game looks MEGA BADASS! I hope it comes out for the x-box...

I loooooooove evil dead. So I gots ta post this link.

I need to get a link banner designed. Hmmm maybe I will get see if my favorite cracker cory has any ideas.

Banners ROCK!

This site is quite fun!

Ok.. Well I think thats about it for now. I am going to wake cory up so we can go look at some apartments and shit..

OH FUCKING A I have forgotten how much I love this site. GO HERE NOW!

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