Hey kids. Its time to laugh at people

I want to start out by posting the homepage of what must be the loneliest guy EVER. I mean. Come on. Aquaman?? SISSY!!! If its one thing that drives the chics away its aquaman. If its one thing chicks dig is MAD PHP SKILLS!

And get a load of this guy. He lives in a fucking plane..... Wait.. Oh shit. Thats actually rather cool. Strike that.

Ok. Now lets laugh at drew barrymore for a second. I know this is terrible old news. But I just stumbled upon this link in one of my folders and laughed at her and wanted to share this laughter with you all. Now if you are all done laughing at her go check out some allmost naked pictures of her.

Those kooky people from canadia. They think they are going to take over the world. Go laugh at them!

There are alot more people to laugh at in this world. But I am out of hate for them. There must be lurve. Oh yes there must be lurveeeeeeeeeee.

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