It hurts when I pee
how are you?
I'm good.
Blogger is down. So i am writing this by hand thru telnet and its cold and i feel cranky
I hate having to typr fucking br at the end of every fuicaf;ldkajsdfklj line
So this is it for right now. Look at me. I'm Jon. i'm a lazy slut
Fuck youuuuuuu
I cooked stew last night.
I bet you are all amazed. I fucking love to cook.
hey here are some links:

this is weird
Check out the latest news about the election process NEAT!
pez rocks
Ever wonder how to get this stuck to that? Me either. but if you do here is a site for you
Look at me. I'm Ed brimly Jr. I'm a crazy inventing guy. Give me some candy
Well thats it for right now. I have to get to work. I'm sorry i'm such a loser that I couldn't make all of those links. but cutting and pasting will put hair on your chest. I promise

*update by Jon* Oh look at me. I'm billy badass. I can make links. Blogger works better now. I am happy. big post tommorow if its slow at work..

Oh yeah
i fucking hate wisconsin people. Fucking hate them fucking hate them fucking hate them. And i hate fucking trains too.

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