Things that make me smile.

There are some sites that REALLY rock ass. I mean REALLY REALLY rock ass. I think I am going to be redoing some of the side bar tonight so be sure to keep clicking on them because they are all sites that I really like and I think that they all deserve to be looked at often.

One really cool and funny online comic is Hotendotey. Its definatly off the wall and crazy. Very funny though.

Sinfest is very cool too. Kinda calvin and hobbesish if Calvin was a little more grown-up and pimpish. Calvin and hobbes and The far side are still my all time favorite comics. I think I would also include Redmeat in that list. Yeah. Redmeat also is one of my favorite comics.

If you work in the IT industry you will understand Angst technology and it will make you smile.

And the most fucked up comic in the world is ThinHline. Definatly a worthwhile read.

Now three reasons isn't stupendous.. but it does show promise. So keep a eye on it too.

I swear I will give cash to anyone that can make heads or tails of this comic. It makes my head hurt trying to understand it. Though while discussing it with scott tonight he did utter the line "cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock" so I guess that makes up for it.

I don't know if you guys have been to superbad before. But it makes me feel happy. Even though I know i can click for like a hour and not get to anything.

And the onion is the only good thing to have EVER come out of wisconsin. Well maybe that and cheese.

I've kind of been keeping this site as my own little secret. I fucking think its awesome. Where else can you buy someone ones train of thought for the low low low price of a gravey boat! This site is kind of the same way. I think I linked it once. But I check it out all the time.

Monkeys make me happy too. I used to allways want to own a monkey ranch. Like the nations biggest monkey ranch. And i wanted to hire lots of midgets to be the monkey-hands. And those midgets would ride fainting goats. I think it would be the greatest thing in the world. (download this movie now!) And I must say I have discussed this urge to raise monkeys with jamie and she was oddly not disturbed by it. So thats a really good sign.

Now I love sock-monkeys too. One day I hope to own one. But this is just wrong.

Just a couple more links before bed time my friends.
Mad props to cap'n crunch. He fucking deserves it!

Fuck yeah FUCK YEAH fucking A yeah! Right on! I want to hug these people!

I got much love for the error 404s. I want to make my own custom 404 page soon.

This is very very very funny!

I love little wastes of time on the net. Addictive games rule.

Its been a long time my friends. But this certainly makes up for it.


Well thats it for now. I'll do the sidebars tommorow morning. But thats it for now.

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