Yo Jiggas, Stewie in da house. Flat out, no Ebonics this post, I'm gonna tell you something that flat out pisses me off.

Hmmm....lets say one night, a few hours after work, when its like oh say maybe 2-3 in the morning, and your sittin at your computer, and you think to yourself, damn I'm fuckin hungry. Well, when you get up out of your chair, head out towards the kitchen or whatever, and what is the first thing you normally look for? Well, I don't know about you, but I like Potato Chips or maybe some Doritos. GOD they are delicious. Well, the best thing is, if you got fucking chip dip, PREPARE TO CREAM!@#$ God I think Nacho Cheese Doritos and Big Bear Plus's Chip dip are good. Well, now, on to the thing that pisses me off. When you get a fucking bag of chips with nothing but crumbs, after you get a full bowl of chip dip. And what really sucks, is thats all you fucking got left, so you try to eat the crumbs with the chip dip, and that don't ever fuckin work, you end up getting like fucking some chip dip on your fingers, well that sucks, cuz the dips sticks to the cheese of the other Doritos, and you got a mess, so you gotta lick your motha fucking finger. *BUZZ* Wrong Mutha Fuckin Answer!!@#$ Now you licked your finger, and your finger is wet...well...if im gonna wipe on clothes, my finger is heading for the pants leg, well, and what really sucks, is fucking getting some cheese fuckin smeared on your pants..

Moral of the story, crumbs and chip dip, don't mix...

Pimps Up...Hoes Down...


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