Thru corys counsuling I have decided to drop the skins from the site. I spend too much time fucking with them and honestly. Do any of you guys even really use them?

I will change the design quite frequently. But I will be stripping the skins off for now. If you have a skin bookmarked or something they will continue to work. I will just be taking the menu off for now.

But I'm not going to take something away from the page and not add something in return. So besides the added time to post I am also working on a couple other really cool things. So hopefully I will be able to do that. It will help having something to do the next few days. I'll also be working on like moving shit around and little teeny redesigns around the site too. But the focus is content from now on. Ok. From after this post on. I promise..

I am moving sometime this next week. So if you don't see posts for a couple days from me thats what I will be doing. And I have to wait for my choadrunner too so I may not have internet for a couple days.

So uhh here are a couple links.

Check out sexy chicks wearing lettuce!

Its been linked everywhere else. But I need to link it too cause its fucked up

Umm OK. I don't really have that many right now. I have more links and stuff but I am really tired and having a really bad week. So maybe if I get feeling better tommorow after helping cory move I will post more.

Peace easy.

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