Word to your mothers

Tommorow I have to go look at this new apartment that I think I am going to get for girl and I. I'm rather excited. Even though she won't be living there until the wedding in july (just 25 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) it will be our first place together. So even though I am not getting the FUCKING AWESOME house the I really wanted. Just the fact that this will be "our" house makes it perfect.

Its good to know that while doing a search for "dumb motherfucker" on google will give you this completely fitting result (check out the story about this on wired), however searching for "Dr. Pooper" or "wet boobies" on yahoo will bring you here. Joy!

Check out this new site. Keep a eye on it. It looks like it will be quite good.

I'm kinda looking forward to at very least renting this game. I am glad that nintendo is finally getting some balls. And umm I am going to go fix the skins and stuff now and update the archives.

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