wow I really hate work.

Today has been ass. I am so going home and having a nice glass of wine and
relaxing with some TV...
I don't know... blah

Today has worn me out. Tommorow is going to be worse. This week is hell

I think before the end of the night I may try this "beer" stuff that I
hear so much about.

God my job today makes me want to climb a water tower and pick people off
with a high powered rifle


die die die

death to the W. place!

Well I meant to post that last night. But being the super-hardass that I am I had two beverages and then scott left and I fell asleep. God I fucking slept really well. I so needed to unwind after yesterday..
And now I am saddling up for another 12 hour day today. Ugh.
I also love how now that I am actually 21 and I have ID and stuff they don't seem to check for it.

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