I have some cool shit for you my friends

Scott and I were talking a couple weeks ago about how cool it was to go exploring old abandon places. Well Scott here are the links I was telling you about.
Infiltration.org is the first one that really got me interested in this. I mean I have done it myself most of my life but reading about it is really cool too. I definatly suggest the paris catacombs story.
Next up is dark passages. Another really good site with some equally good stories on it.
Urban explorers is pretty cool. LOTS of stories about inflitrating. Submitted by different people.
Forgotten Ny is more along the lines of exploring old buildings and stuff. Not much cave stuff on this site, but equally cool!
And Jinx is definatly the most crazy mo-fos out of the bunch. I mean they climbed the Brooklyn bridge for chrissakes!

I got thinking today. When Jamie and I get married in July (from here on in this will be refered to as the happiest day of my life) and we move into our new apartment we are going to have to pretty much furnish it from the ground up. I got thinking today I want to do alot of it thru stuff that we can salavage or make ourselves. I think that gives a house alot of personality and stuff. So what I am getting at if you are reading this and you have any old junk around the house that would be useful ( I am thinking of like candle holders made out of old hard drive platters. Stuff like that) let me know. I used to love my aunts house. It was allways all crafty and everything. She used like painted milk crates for end tables and shit. God it was so cool.


And since I titled this post the way I did, I guess I should reveal what My christmas present to all of my friends this next year will probably be.

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