My scrubbing bubbles are going to come over and whup your ass.

Well. Since I have a webpage it is required that I say something about the stuporbowl.
There are only about four things that are good about it all:
1) the ads. Here they are for your viewing pleasure by quarter.
2) Survivor afterwards. Season one was one of the best viewing experiences I have ever had in my life. Season two is shaping up that way too. Thank god they got rid of the annoying bitch first. This is a really good news site for the show. And I got to watch it with my bestest fried cory so that made it even better.
3) The fact that CSI (Or whatever that forensic show is called) is going to be on after survivor every week!!!!!!
4) the XFL STARTS SOON. Its allmost time for some football I can care about. YAY!

I'm not going to say much about Uncle Billys downtime this last week. It happens to the best of them. But it kind of hurt their dot net ad angle they were going for. Here is a pretty good article about it.

ASSorted knews:

I played EQ for awhile. And I am a fan of making money. Money is pretty cool stuff. Its not what its all about. It doesn't birng you happiness.. But we all still strive for it. I say fuck it. If someone wants to spend 4 months of their lives making their character great. And then sell it to some schmuck then fucking go for it. Sony shouldn't be busting their balls..

Now HOW FUCKING COOL would a fucking Jonsnews Junkyard wars team be? Man. Maybe I will be able to enter my giant robot that smashes things on my command into battle bots! If I ever get it made. And while I am on junkyard wars I REALLY fucking enjoy that show. I got to watch the-nerds a couple weeks back.

I had found this site ALONNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time ago. They took it down for quite some time. It is still the sickest fucking thing on the internet.

Now this is some serious industrial music.

UMmmmmm This is pretty fucked up. Errr ruhhh excuse me.. your.. dancing.. with your CATTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toxic Avenger is so cult its mainstream. I fucking LOVE troma movies. They used to have a Troma/Softcore porn station on the satellite dish. I was fucking glued to that station. And when they weren't playing Troma or showing boobies it was fucking fucked up anime. I LOVED THAT CHANNEL. It was my first place I watched Akira. Check out this interview with the genius behind it all.

Since I haven't linked any Porn in awhile I guess its time to put one up here for all of you loyal fans. But its not just any porn. Its stolen Photo lab Pics. Pretty cool.. The story on the site tells about how it all came to be. w00t! Allmost as cool as Flashmountain!

Uhhh I guess this would explain the whole rise from the dead and stuff. But I am pretty sure I would remember blood sucking and such in the bible. I guess I could be wrong.

Gary coleman makes me smile.

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