Update on the nap situation.

I slept.. For allmost three hours. But it wasn't real restful... Its very fucking hot here. And so I decided to help cool myself off I would fucking drool all over myself... It didn't really work, and when I woke up and my arm and face was covered in spit it was very disgusting. So I am going to shower now..
And then before the whole drool thing started my cat decided it would be the fucking coolest thing in the world to lick up my nose everytime I started to fall asleep.. .Fucking asshole cat... Shower time...

Ok.. Showers all over. Now its time to make with the monkey load of links..

Don't forget that may 20 is the National Masturbate-a-thon (I wonder if its ok if we have a spotter). Make sure you pick up your pledge form and ask everyone you know!!!

Ok. Thats pretty much all the new links. Onto sorting thru that folder I mentioned last week..

I dunno if this will really score you free condoms. Or if you really want free condoms. But if you do. And it works. Lemme know and stuff..

I dig fucked up little games. I have played way too much battle faeries (Linked in the sidebar) lately. And then this mother fucker just stole my attention for about 10 minutes...

This kid digs burned out cars.. I mean REALLY digs burned out cars.. FUCKING BURNED OUT CARS FOR CHRISTSAKE!!!!

Hard rocking monks are very hard to come by. I say let us not shun these robed men of god who like to throw down some classic tunes. Embrace them!!!

Guffyspace is a very entertaining E/N site. Check it out.

I love iron chef as much as the next guy.. But I don't think I am creative enough to come up with haikus about it, well..senryus.. not really haikus. Since most of them don't mention nature at all.. I love senryus though.
NetRage is loading slow
Its time to break out crazy links.
Lets view some furry porn.

Do you guys have ANY idea how hard it is to find furry porn on the net? ITS FUCKING NOT!!

I don't know if any of you have ever seen Black Adder. Its a show that Rowen Atkinson (Mr. Bean to most of you) did. Its fucking AWESOME and its going to be released here in the states on DVD. Fucking sweet!

I have NO fucking idea why I had book marked this. Maybe I was going to do a article about serial killers. Anyway....

More happy comics for you all!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure I've posted this before, but these pictures of people having sex in a MRI tube are fucked up.

This guy calls himself the Alchemist of the Surreal. I think thats a fucking COMPLETELY fitting title. This is some major weird shit..

Heres a page about Japanese women wrestling. I dunno why. Just enjoy.. don't ask questions..

Being from Northern NY I am quite acustomed to hockey, and I rather enjoy it. But I had no clue that klingons like it too... If only they had klingon curling....

If any of you folks are into mythology then be sure to check this out..

God. This is one of the funniest things ever to me...

I'm gonna wrap up the L's and then take another nap and then try to get this folder finished tonight.. Only 170 more urls to sort thru...

If you've never heard of ali g you are missing out on something great.. Yeah.. He was in that whore madonnas fucking piece of fucking ass video for music. But try to forgive him...

Launching shit thru the air is fucking cool. Doing it with liquid nitrogen is even fucking cooler..

Legend of the red dragon is supposed to be a very kick ass MUD. Check it out if thats your thing...


Lexi has a uber leet easter layout.. Bad assed! Easter is good. Peeps rock..

Ever want to know how to make your very own lightsaber effect in a home movie??

Here some nice erotica pron for you if you would like it.. No idea why I bookmarked this either..

Lifestyles of the cute and furry. Need I say more?

Ok.. thats it for now. I am about 40% thru all these bookmarked links. I updated the shit out of the sidebar and still have some more stuff I want to add. I also need to update the archives for this page and my personal hidden page.. Ok.. well more to come.. Nap time again..

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