well, i will have to put my 2 cents in now...

since it looks like this may end up being a debate about the whole china thing, i figure what the hell. i'll give you my opinion.

now, i spent time in the military, and know how that whole game is played. neither side is going to back down. thats is a fact. if not, this wouldn't still be in the news a week and a half later.

as for who is to blame. as far as i see, its an easy one. i am a pilot, and as a pilot, i know and understand the right of way rules for aviation. they are actually quite simple. hell, if it wasn't this late, i would get my FAR/AIM, fucking quote the rule.

anyway, it says that when a faster, more manuveral aircraft approaches, or overtakes a slower, less manuveral aircraft, the faster craft must yeild.

pretty straight foward to me.

now, as for the "secret technology" in that airplane. like i said before, i spent time in the military, (navy to be precise), and even with that, i say, "LET THEM HAVE THE FUCKING AIRPLANE!!!" that is how the game is played, they get our toys, they learn some secrets. we get there toys, we get theirs.


let the crew members come home.

i know that the crew doesn't mean shit to the government, and they are probably more concerned about that damn airplane than those people, there is no longer any reason to keep them. especially if china was to keep the plane.

anyway, like i said, just wanted to put in my two cents. agree with it if you want, get pissed at it if you want. its your right. god bless america, and screw the government.


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