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Oh god. I am just starting my dailing pillaging of news sites and it looks to be a good night my friends. I have plenty of booty for you all.

Professor... Whats another name for pirates treasure?

Well. I think thats BOOTY.. BOOTY.. well.. Thats what it is..

Professor booty is a bad ass beastie boys song..

If you are a LONG time reader of jonsnews then you may remember when I last posted this freaks page. Hes updated alot since then. Worth a second look... Ummmmmmmm and then I found this page linked offa there.. Uhhhhhh Yeah... Go here..

Are you a supervillian? Do you need some ideas for what to wear today? Here are some fashion tips for all of you with evil in your hearts..

OOOOOOOOOOooooooo Shiney flash for you to play with!!!

What the fuck?

Its fucking ass cold here... Note to self. Don't leave windows open when at work until its WARM OUT...

Be sure to check out the horney robot. And speaking of horney robots. Umm This is uhhhh "Adult" transformers fan fiction.. why???

Why.. I bet you have been asking yourself "Self.. what kinds of secrets does Bea Arthur hold??" Well.. heres your answer...

I am gonna go play AOE2 for a short bit.. then back to update more....

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