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According to Ain't it cool news it looks like the season finale of of Saturday Night Live this year is going to be completely improv!

And it appears that the US post office may stop delivering on saturdays. FUCK THAT. Not delivering on sundays sucks enough...

Cory and Joel just explained to me that the whole sun blowing up thing I posted the other day was a april fools day joke. fuck you guys.

MMMMMMmmmmmmmm caffeinated meatloaf. This comes from the awesome thinkgeek april fools page!

What the FUCK would you do with this?

Now fucking Sega knows how to treat its employees. If they bitch they fucking make them sit in a fucking room all day and do nothing with no windows or anything!

Do you dig Am I hot or not?? If you do then you may wanna check out this site> Stranger in your bed..

Have you ever seen a font somewhere and you just couldn't figure out what the font it was??? Well if you upload a picture they will tell you what font it is or find you the nearest match possible!

This is incredibly disturbing and fucked up.. But I could not help but laughing during the first paragraph...

Well I think that about wraps up another fine day and a couple posts. So for tonight. Goodnight.

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