wow. I made cofee today and it tastes like ass.

Dammit. I was looking forward to a nice cup of coffee....


I want to warn you. Once you watch this video your live will NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!! This guy has some other fucking awesome videos. You may want to check them out before they become the next big thing on the net.

YEOUCH! Yet another reason to never put lobsters in your pants. *scribbled down in notepad*

HAHA. This sounds like one of my friends quest to download all the porn in the internet to save humanity. The man was on a mission..

Check out the Cavalcade of Christ. All the crazy jesus pictures you can take. I especially love the one of the humungo christ towering over the UN building..

Woah. MIT has plans that within ten years they are going to offer all their classes online and for fucking free. Right on man..

I allways kind of wondered this myself. Its comforting to finally find out..

Ok. The new menu system is up. After the RESOUNDING response from you guys (read: none). I like it.. Check it out over to the left..

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