(Blows the dust off of Blogger and sneezes)

Well, here I am. Sorry for the long time of no posting Jon. I'm just very unmotivated lately.

Inbetween sleeping, working and going to college, I've been playing Baldurs Gate 2. I just got it not that long ago. Yes yes, i'm slow on getting stuff. I'll prolly have a PS2 in 3 years. Anywayz, BG2 is pretty kick ass if you haven't played it yet. But, Jon has shown me the light. An upcoming game called NeverWinter Nights. A very kick ass looking game that will please the computer gamer and the hardcore pencil and paper gamer. Its got it all. Check out these movies of the game... When the chick got backstabbed by her partner, I KNEW I had to buy this game.

I've decided to lock myself in my room from now on because when I go out its either boring as fuck or gets way outa hand. So I'll be playing games more often so if I come across something worth mentioning I'll pass it along

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