Links and a total lack of a good title..

I'm just waking up. So maybe I will come up with a title about halfway thru the post...

Pitch unger is a pretty cool comic. Its only one episode though. I just kinda like the mouse over language translation thing..

I don't know if any of you know who Raymond Scott is. Actual. I bet most of you have heard his work. He is the greatest composer ever. Have you ever watched a cartoon? Chances are that you have heard a RS composition. Pretty much most of the warner brothers cartoons used his stuff. He was a fucking genius...

Wearable computer are one of my favorite things... I want a wearable computer!!!!!!

You are not the contents of your wallet

Its a battle royal!! Megacar Vs. Kitt!! Who will win??


Have you ever gotten worken up by some bullshit telemarkter or had your supper interrupted?? Well this guy fought back!

I'm fucking glad I'm not the only person that feels this way!!!

I want nothing more then to drink coffee harvested from the poop of a ferret like creature....mmmmmmmm poop.. It smells.. nutty...

Woah. I had no clue that Fight Club was part of a three book series. Fucking sweet!

This is kinda depressing.. Which I REALLY Don't need right now in my life after this morning.. But its pretty cool too. Letters from people who have died. "A storage space for wisdom, Regret, and guidance"

Want to see your favorite website in several different funny languages? Well then check out this site...

This is quite possibly one of the coolest webcams on the fucking internet. My mind has been blowen away.

You are not a special little snow flake.

This is one of the weirdest fetishes I have EVER seen.. Its REALLY weird..

Final Fantasy has some of the most beautiful music of any game ever. So go here and download alot of it! I just really like video game music in general.

I know I'm definatly affected by this!

Check this out. Its a all starwars search engine! fucking sweet!

Ok. I am fucking done with that folder. I think this is the most links to EVER be posted on a site like this in such a short period of time..

Now I get it on to my news sites for some fresh links!

I have allways wondered this myself. Why is it that the moon doesn't have a name??

The adventures of No Eyelid man!! Quite possible one of the greatest comics EVER made!!!

Was the whole recent spy plane crash actual a cover up for us transferring technology to china???

The Japanese get all the coolest toys first. Check out these transformer commercials..

Right now it feels like life is really pushing me to the edge. Things are happenening that I don't even know how to even relate to, let alone handle. Some fucking people amaze the living shit out of me. Its weird how even the people close to you will turn sometimes... Not turn on you.. Just.. the turn that their decisions make. People have fucked up priorities.. Its really fucking weird how life will just flip everything around. Just when things start to look up. Everything is getting back on track. You wake up one morning and BAM.. Pretty much the whole thing has shit the bed..

Well. I am gonna go play some battle faeries and talk to girl and work on a new banner. Maybe its time I just washed my hands of all of this? I don't know...

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