This post is kind of personal and its going to be a little hard to write for me. But its important and I would apperciate it so incredibly much if you all read it and considered helping.

When I was in 6th grade I lost my father to cancer. It was one of the most jarring events in my life. And its hard to understand what its like growing up without a father. This year I lost my Grandfather on my mothers side to cancer as well. Needless to say I fucking hate the disease more then anything else in life. My dad (His name was Milford) was one of the most incredible people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I remember so many nights sitting on the couch with him watching saturday night live, or some stand up comedian. Just talking about stuff with him and having him teach me about the world. I remember carving pumpkins with him every halloween and shooting off ass loads of fireworks all summer long. Hes the man that gave me my sense of humor that I have today, and taught me so much about how to love and what it means to be a good parent... Sometimes I miss him so badly.. There are also several other people that are incredibly important to me that are winning the fight for cancer.. They have been in remission, and one of them is going to be reaching (I think) 5 years cancer free very soon.

But my main point is about cancer. Someone on both sides of my family has had it now. So it scares the shit out of me. I don't want to have Jamie or our kids (when we have them) to ever have to worry about growing up without me.. This year about 552,200 Americans are expected to die of cancer—more than 1,500 people a day. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US, exceeded only by heart disease. In the US, 1 of every 4 deaths is from cancer. There is still NO definate cure for cancer. My dad spent allmost 2 years of his life in one of the best cancer research centers in the world. I watched him battle it and eventually just lose hope because nothing they did could make it go into remission. I had to watch him become so crippled from it he could hardly walk. In the end he just kind of lost his will to live. He was in incredible pain constantly... And my grandfather had been battleing it for nearly 2 years when he died to. Nothing helped. Chemo. Nothing.

But. Cancer research is still going on.. and you and I can help to prevent this fucking atrocity that slaughters helpless people and takes them away from their familys for no reason at all. The Intel Philanthropic Peer-to-Peer Program is using the power of peer-to-peer technology to usher in a new era of scientific computing. By lending your spare PC resources to the effort, you can help fundamentally change the manner and speed of medical discovery. The United Devices* Cancer Research Program sponsored by Intel has been developed specifically to search for new drugs to treat leukemia. United Devices Inc.* developed this program in conjunction with the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR)* and the University of Oxford*.

As a first step to finding new drugs and a potential cure for leukemia—the No. 1 cause of childhood death by disease—researchers must evaluate the cancer-fighting potential of hundreds of millions of molecules. NFCR scientists estimate that this task will require a minimum of a staggering 24 million hours of number-crunching, which was previously unimaginable. Linking computers like yours to this project will enable the what could become the largest biological computation in history and produce faster results. Depending on the results of this program, the time required to develop a new treatment and drugs could be cut from twelve years to as little as five years.

This kind of technology was not fucking around wasn't around years ago when cancer took my father. But its around now and I sure as fuck am going to use every fucking spare second of my computer time to try to help beat this disease. If I can help even fucking save one person from losing someone they love then I am fucking all for it. And I hope you agree and download this. Pass the information on to everyone you know. I really think that if everyone helps we will get cancer beat one day.. It may be someone you know your helping to save....

Here is the main page describing the program.

And here is the page to directly download the program. Please do. Your not using your computer when your not around. Share your spare processes.

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