UO2 is dead and I have the ashes from the giant fire to prove it !

Well I like many geeks, enjoy the Ultima franchise. It was magical and promising. It transcended normal gaming and made you think and feel and evolve. To conquer the game, you not only had to conquer your foes, but also conquer inward strife to an end of not only world peace but inner-light and glory. Heck, Richard Garriot aka Lord British started a little side religion upon the whole principles of the 7 Virtues, called Ethical Hedonism, which is very interesting.

But now UO2 is dead, Lord British and many of the flock that were released from EA along with the project gathered once again on the hallowed dirt of Austin Texas, they gathered to mourn the passing of this legacy. They made a big ass fire with old UO2 shit !

Lord British had this to say, which to say the least is raising some eyebrows:

"It's going to be interesting for me to go back to Austin and start up discussions with the large stable of close friends who are now looking for something to do, right about the time that I'm looking for something to do, so that should be fun."

Now I must go retire on this holiest of nights (Wrestlemania eve) and dream of the greatest entertainment spectacle since the gladiator battles in Rome at the coliseum.

Oh fuck it, I am going to play some AOE2 ....

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