Is it bad when your computer just keeps going "beep.... beeep.... beep...." Before your bios even posts?? I fucking hope something didn't fry in my system..
Blah. So anyway. Still searching for a job. I have a REALLY good aspect lined up right now. The interview and application are pretty much formalities. I talked to the guy for quite awhile the other day on the phone and he ended by saying: "it will take a couple days for your application to clear before we can hire you" So it looks good.
<sarcasm> I would like to say WOW to the overwhelming response to my little contest. TWo fucking people. One was allready a poster....</sarcasm>
anyways. Its still open. If you wanna post send me a email or something

Lets see.. What else. Ummm Last night was prom and it was alot of fun. And then post prom was awesome too. Then we got home about 530 am or 7am depending which one of us you ask.. Then we watched movies for a couple hours and then fell asleep watching dumb and dumber. And then her mom woke us up and we went shopping and her parents got me a entirely new wardrobe for my upcoming job interview. So thats about it for right now. I actually browsed a site or two today. Maybe links will come soon if I can get my computer up so I can go grab my favorites folder...

Also. Please don't forget about the donate box on the right hand side. Even if you just give a dollar it will help me get to a point in my life where I can start doing this site like I used to...


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