The good, The bad, The links..

Good first.
You guys kick ass!! You are some of the best fucking readers ever!!! Someone gave 15 bucks today to meet 70 which was our goal!!!!!!!!!!!! And that mother fucking ROCKS SOCKS!! I just wanna say though. Don't think you have to give as much as the people who have given gave (that was a really poor sentance grammatically) Even if you donate just a dollar... That goes A LONG ways. If everyone donated a buck it would rock and shit.. So make sure you take time and read this if you haven't allready.

The bad.
I'm in a less then pleasant situation at work right now. So posting may be a little spotty over the next couple days. Though I PROMISE at lease one VERY good post every day. If not more... I don't really want to rant about the work thing on here. Err. I do. But I can't for now...

The links.
There what you came here for. They are what you know and love. So lets get it on!

Oh god. I went thru all the little gamers archives and its quite a good comic!!! Go read!!!

"George Lucas confirmed the title to Star Wars: Episode II in an interview on Channel 5 in the UK. The title is: "The Shadow Falls." Read more here."

The straight dope rocks! today they have a piece up about if sound can kill you or not.. Quite interesting..

I would like to fucking THANK GOD FOR FLASH. And the great amounts of entertainment it provides us all...

Sweet baby jesus. Some fuckers have WAY too much time on their hands..

Shiney shiney shiney shiney shiney fucking shiney!

If you have EVER wanted to piss someone off then this page will be a great help to you.. Just be careful with them unless you especially like the feel of some guys size 12 boot up your ass...

I'm glad we live in a country full of idiots.... Lead by a even bigger idiot.. And speaking of idiots. If you were EVER planning on a trip to wisconsin to learn about cheese. Then save yourself time and just go here...

Now THIS is how you fucking do show and tell mother fuckers!

Its comforting to know that I have helped lower the bar...

Yet another reason not to watch MTv. They fucking had a guy fucking SHOOT DIAREAHA OUT OF HIS ASS ONTO PEOPLE!

I cannot believe fucking NBC would cancel one of the best TV shows EVER!

To celebrate their one year birthday X-Enterntainment has a awesome fucking article about transformers up. Go check it out... HAPPY BIRTHDAY X-E YOU GUYS ROCK SOCKS!!!

It looks like you can now order pizza online at poppa Johns. Now if only pizzaslut would do this too...

Ok.. its nighty nighty time.

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