In my shoes. Walking sleep. In my youth I pray to keep...

Soundgarden is pretty cool...
Well. I promised you guys all the big news.. And it happened...

Today I quit my job. Right now Voodoo lady by ween is playing. Tommorow I continue moving up to jamies.

I feel really good about this. I cried today saying goodbye to everyone at work. And if any of you are reading then.. I miss you guys. Take care. Keep in touch motherfuckers. jon@jonsnews.com

I was scared shitless walking into the place that I have been to allmost over a thousand times in the latest chapter of my life. Allmost a thousand fucking days there. So today I begin closing a chapter of my life. I am shutting the book on good times and bad. Fights and laughs. There were alot of good times. Alot of fucking great times. It just hasn't been the same. Its gotten hard for me to even get out of bed in the morning. Actually even going to work was near impossible. And thats not the way life should be. So I decided I need to take action and remove the part of my life thats making me feel like this.
So. I am moving up to girls. That is going to be a good thing too. I will be much happier closer to her. I get depressed when we don't get to see each other.

My plans right now are to start my own business. Lofty eh?

Start small. Branch out. I am going to take out ads in three local papers. Get business cards printed out. Go to peoples houses. Fix their computers. Teach them how to get online and where to get the porn.. errr. I mean..
Most places charge 45-50 bucks a hour to even estimate a job.. and then you have to bring the computer to them. I'm gonna ask 25 a hour to go to their house to do it.. So I think there will be demand for this. I hope to actually be to the point where Girl and I are both full time employees and we can hire at least another person within a year. Lofty goals.. But.. I'm gonna make it happen. Fuck.. Lavern and Shirely theme running thru my head.. I'm gonna do it my way..

I don't know.. If this takes off well enough maybe it will lead into my restuarant. Maybe I can have the first wired sandwich shop with tech support and computer repair built in..Yeah I'd like a tuna melt and my modem needs replacing..
hey.. It could work..

they might be giants are fucking awesome too...

I'm drained. But I feel really good. I'm excited about life again. And thats whats important I guess. Though there is ALOT I will miss about the way things were. But the monkees said it best.. Err.. No. they didn't...

Couple quick links.

hey cory... Check this out. You can now grep on your windows machine!!

Err Just one link. I added a talk box thingy over on the left.. Use it! ACtually. It seems to be very broken. So don't bother with it right now..

I am going to try to keep up posting as much as I can.. Over dial up.. blech..

Anyway. I gotta get to bed.. big day of packing and cleaning. Please keep this in mind.. Just a buck or two will help alot.. I will post in the morning too.. Night.

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