Today I am going to try to get all the links I have sitting on my harddrive posted. So this is going to be a FUCKING HUGE post...

Lets see. First off I have this site. Yeah. I know.. Its in japanese... just click the links and you'll see the good shit.

This is pretty fucked up. New technology is part of humans evolution, but.. Why do we have to use it for violence?

Scott showed me this along time ago. And I dug it. I just think its fucking cool.

I have no fucking clue whyI bookmarked this .. But.. Uhhhh yeah...

You should all check out this cam page.. Its a webcam shoved down this persons pants. Kinda funny...

This is what happens when two memes collide.

WOAH! This statue could fucking barbacue birds that fly in its path.

Heres that really cool back end I found for am I hot or not.. If you dig the site this is a alternate way to see your boobies.

I am still boggled by this. I mean.. He is fucking there 24 7 but I have never seen a image repeat... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Check out this big page of funny banner ads.

I use "Check out" a aweful lot. But I mean.. There are so many ways I can introduce a link...

Here is the official Caesar endorsed Orgy Calculator

Cory is going to dig this shit. Its a video of bill gates saying how he thinks the crapintosh is the only innovative computer he has ever seen.

Spy gadgets are fucking cool!!

Check out how to make your very own Evil Ash costume! And they also have a fucking sweet speeder bike costume too complete with the bike!!!!

ARGGGGGGH I found this page that has a link to this game and I just fucking wasted allmost a half hour playing javanoid.. dammit.

Speaking of java. I wouldn't mind something like this at all..

I really dig this guys layout. I was considering something similar when I first developed this site. But then I found his and didn't want to be seen as ripping someone off..

Oh man. The second story on this page has to be one of the stupidest things I have EVER read.. People can be fucking idiots...

I dig palm pilots (a moment of silence please). But if I was ever going to go as far as getting a more "Computer like" device I would soooooooo get this. Its fucking MEGA shiney. Being poor sucks. Theres so much cool shit I would love to have.

Uhhhhhhhh this is weird.

At the office I am generally knowen as the person to talk to if you want to know where to find anything on the internet. Someone askes me for a url I can shit one out from either memory (they are really one of the only few things I can remember well), of find it ass fast. One of the keys to finding shit is knowing how to do search engine math. Pretty much the only engine I used is google. Its the fucking shit. I even have the google toolbar in IE so I can search more effeciently... One time CJ bet me that I couldn't find pictures of women having sex with aliens. And just for the record. There is NO clincal name for someone who is addicted to making prank calls.

Well.. Since today is april fools looks like stile is pulling his shit again... So whats happening this time? Did he die? Raped by guys in chicken outfits? Whatever....

This sounds more like a cheap porn then a card game...

Looks like they updated Mc Hawking's crib again. Still one of my favorite comedy sites. Its fucking funny and uber geek.

Holy fuck I can't believe I had forgotten to post this. Its fucking great!!!

Goats making spider webs freaks me the fuck out..

oh my. There is a newer review of freedom force on ign. *drool* This is shaping up to be one of the best games EVER.

Need some advice? Then ask satan!

Furious George is fucking awesome!!

Ok. Well I made it up to the letter G. So far I have sorted thru a hundred or so links. Still got the rest of the alphabet to go.. But now I am going to hit my daily sites and post the links from them and then take a nap before wrestlemania!!!

YAY!! Someone sneaked some pictures of fucking the matrix 2!!!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

Ok. I really dig a good pen..But this seems a little silly. At least the shipping is free! If that link isn't working then go to staples.com, enter 434937 in the search box

And I want to post about this very good non-april fools news. I think this is really really really fucking cool. I mean. I'm not myself. But I think people should be allowed to do whatever the fuck they want. If it makes you happy fucking go for it. Everyone needs the same rights. Be it if they are gay, straight, whatever. And then you have to have the complete and utter assholes that would fucking be outside protesting it.. How the fuck would they feel if a big gang of queens protested their fucking inbred wedding? The Netherlands really have their shit together. Heres a quote:
"The weddings consolidate the Netherlands' position at the forefront of social liberalization. Last year it legalized brothels and decriminalized euthanasia, and marijuana and hashish are sold at regulated establishments." I mean.. they are giving people the kind of rights that they want. They know there is no ending some things. People are going to do it wheter or not they want to.. But I say the government should have a hand in it and help control it and keep it clean and regulated... (Not speaking of same sex marriages here, but of the hash, eutanasia, and brothels)..

Wow. Go read the second article on dot cult. Its fucking VERY well written. Entitled Lines and abstractions

HAHAHA oh damn I love x-entertainment!!!

Ummm excuse me.. I need to go order a few dozen cases of this now...

Uhhhhhhhhh BLECH

So do you want to know what REALLy happened with the accident on survivor???

Aight. I think this was very much my fucking longest post ever. Enjoy. It should tide you guys over till late tonight.

Off to a nap and then mother fucking wrestlemania...

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