First. I would like to dedicate this post to the guy that donated 50 DOLLARS AT ONCE! If you are him please email me so I can say thank you personally. Its good to know some people really do enjoy this site.... It makes me very happy... thank you..

Second of all. I am a AOE2 god. I fired up a game earlier. I had over 100000 gold in 45 minutes. Against two computer opponents on the hard setting. The end score was me: 43598 to them:about 6000 combined. That was some serious beat down.

Theres a post on something aweful with a cartoon titled "Saucy lad" that made me laugh because it reminded me or something that happened at work. Someone called in and we used to be able to put in whatever we wanted to in the first and last name. This lead to some crazy shit in there. So this guy calls in and I swear to god he said "Hello. this is fancy lad".. So In the first name I put Fancy and the last name I put Lad. Well the tech that got him goes to call him, the customer picks up. "Hello this is the xxxxxx support center. May I speak to Fancy Lad??".. Its a funny story...
This was also the same guy who asked for Angle when someone whos name was obviously Angel called in...

Rate my boobies. When will the am I hot or not clones stop?

How to Lose a Fight So The Other Guy Goes to Jail

I had allmost forgotten about bone easy. Good stuff.

If you didn't go here before when I linked them the first time I REALLY suggest viewing the stinky meat project (Parts one and two)!

I haven't been here for awhile. But I forgot how incredibly much I REALLY like ZUG

Well. Tommorow is wrestlemania. Its lined up to be a really good PPv. I will get off a couple posts in the morning. So see you guys and gals in the funnies.

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