Or would you like to swing on a star? Carry moonbeams home in a jar? Or would you rather be a link?

CJ asked me tonight what the whole furry thing was about that I have.. Well. I think this old post explains it best. I actuall think that is one of my best posts ever..

My new personal god unxmaal got me turned onto this program. Tis VERY nice.. It does both ICQ and MSN and Yahoo messaging.. its fucking sweet ass. Go download!
you can find me at jonsnews@jabber.com on it. Or any of my other contacts..

You guys are all aware of my love of crazy japanese stuff. I even have a engrish lighter. So this page is like buttah for me. Go and check out the greatness.

Red Meat is great. Star wars is great. There fore meat wars must be great!

Have you ever considered calling Miss Cleo for tech support? Well maybe next time you have trouble you should!!! And speaking of MS. Ever wonder exactly where they are going with their crazy naming scheme?

This game is so cool that I bookmarked it and I don't know why. But it has to be cool for some reason..

I don't really want to believe that Mario was all about spreading communism..Now Luigi maybe...

Uhh this first story is quite weird.. I mean.. I believe in aliens and everything. But I think they have slightly better things to do..

These speakers look really bad assed. And The DVD player is fucking AWESOME.

I'm really hopeing us guys can get hooked up with one of these too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh.. Ok. I'm up to R now. Time to get to bed for the night. Bye bye. Nighty night.

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