The power of a search engine

Its amaizing how you can just throw random letters into a search engine and get something back. Just out of bordom I randomly put "hjlh" into my address bar and hit enter and I let microsoft choose my sites for me. Heres what I came up with.

How about some easy listening music found with the random entry?

Have you ever wanted to how to play Clair? I know I have always wanted to know how to.

OOpps, someones PGP public key page. I know its an encription, but not sure what for. It just looks interesting.

How about a dorky looking guy behind a big set of drums?

Ever want a lava lamp of your own? Well here ya go.

LOL, if I didn't know any better, I'd say these were my parents.

Well, that ends my venture down that road. I know I know, they aren't as good or as funny as jons links. I'm an amature. I have to work up to the God status link finder... person... thingy... anyways. But they are links, and a few bad links are better than no links at all.

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