Dear All Other Countries (But Especially China), I'm sorry about my stupid fucking president.

Go here and apologise to china and the rest of the world since our president doesn't have the balls to do it..

Cory is going to love this. Looks like Queen may have a new frontman... Remember this guy from that musicvideo where he is ripping his FLESH OFF!!!

I've allways said there needs to be more faith based reality TV...

Mr. T is the happiest guy on the entire planet. Look at this man. Hes my hero. So go read this interview about his fight with cancer, god, and him being a mommas boy. And if your on a Mr. T kick them make sure to go watch Mr. T on the conan o'brien show. And be sure to check out the Mr. T shrine!

Fun for your whole family!! Get this for your kids instead of the newest pokemon game. Get ready for them to riot!!!

Join the church of burt reynolds! NOW!

Janet jackson had sex with alot of famous lesbians! Don't know why I used a exclaimation at the end of that.. but..


A fifth-grade girl says her classmates trade soda and cash for sex. Its just getting worse folks...

This is a funny take on the DMCA.

The guys at my old job (Wow.. that seems so mooking weird to say) will really enjoy this.

I would be pretty upset if I was a system admin and I just LOST a server. But it was still there..

Check out this guide to women over on nicefure. funny stuff.

I love this link so much. It rocks!!!!

Why would anyone ever be against this!?

Ahhhh sims lesbian sex!!! And more crazy sims stories.

Whatever dude is starting to get really good!
Cory! Go read this article about stephanie McMahon! its fucking awesome! Everyone else read it too!

Allgiht. Well thats it for right now... I gotta go pay some bills and pack and take a load up to jamies. If you feel like it and got a extra buck please consider donating. If not its all good too. Just takes a minute though..

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