Hello Jons News viewers. My name is muhgcee. You may remember me from such sites as ANAmal.net. "Why would I remember you from there, muhgcee?", you ask. Well, maybe its because I post there! Ah, yes, that could be it . . .

You all should go over to ANAmal.net as soon as possible. Don't worry, I won't plug my site THIS much in all of my posts . . . just in this one. On a sad note, my best material will always go on ANAmal.net, considering that site is mine, and this site is not. So, until this becomes "muhgcee's news" (which it never will), you all will only be reading second rate stories by me. View this as you will. I view it by the fact that even my second rate stories kick your ass, but you may not view it this way. Thats too damn bad, because you all are going to have to read my crap until I get voted off the site.

I am now being a hypocrite, because it usually irks me when all people talk about in their posts is what they are doing with the site. Get the message: Unless it is something big, we don't care! So shut the hell up and just change the damn font color! Don't discuss it for 5 days on the site, just do it!

Sorry for going off like that. No I'm not. If I was really sorry, I could very easily delete all of that crap. But I am not sorry, damn it.

I saw Red Planet tonight. What a piece of shit movie. I have seen few movies that qualify better for piece of shit than that one. "What about Ice Cream Man, where the Ice Cream man goes around and murders little kids? Wasn't that worse?", you ask. Well, no, it was better, because you could tell they MEANT to make it stupid. In Red Planet, there were so many stupid little inacuracies that it just pissed me off to an unbelievable level. For instance, would they really send up a bunch of cocky immature stupid piece of shit jocks to Mars? NO! THEY SURE AS HELL WOULDN'T! But, of course, it makes it sell better or some crap like that. Any, would their little robot helper have a little switch that could turn it from navigate mode to SEARCH AND DESTROY mode? No! Of course not! DAMN IT! STUPID FUCKING HOLLYWOOD! DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT!

To cheer myself up, I will talk about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I saw that last night with the spouse (not actually my wife, but she might as well be). Now see, they don't expect you to believe that people can actually fly through the air. And some of those things they do with the sword are also impossible. They don't expect you to believe it. All they expect you to do is say, "Damn, that is fucking cool as shit!" I did not let them down. You know why? Because it was fucking cool as shit! All those swords flying all over the place, it was fucking amazing.

Anyway, it is 3:40am and I am awake. Not a good thing. Hope you don't hate me by now.

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