Well hello!

YAY! lots of people posting makes me happy. Especially since I lost my DSL today. Goodbye broadband.. Goodbye MP3s out my ass.. Good bye more then one webpage at once.. at least for a couple months...

HEre are a couple interesting things I have heard in the last couple days about the china thing:
1) the pilot had a history of doing REALLY stupid things. Like buzzing other planes and FLASHING A CARD WITH HIS EMAIL ADDRESS ON IT..
2) This is actually all a cover up for a technology exchange between the US gov't and China. Think about it. We fly a super secret spy plane over there for no reason. China bumps it. We land. They recover the plan. Sounds very James bondish to me...

Well. Today I brought up two fucking huge carloads of my shit. I'm allmost done moving beside the big shit.. Tommorow I am going to do a little job hunting..

Hopefully everyone else will keep posting too cause my links are going to be a little slow coming in for awhile. But I will keep posting...

So keep reading true believer.. (YAY! cheap marvel pop)

Oh yeah. Go download the new toadies song and send me emails bragging how fast you downloaded and and how I will never get to hear it again cause I'm on dial up....hehehe

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