All your tarot are belong to us

Yeah. I know. AYBABTU is old (On a side note check out this page with all your base sung in a few different styles, Elvis, Nirvana, Etc..). I just thought it would be cool in relation to this article. Miss Cleo is taking shit over. First subverting the medical industry, Next the WORLD!

A-albionic used to be a old school crazy shit website. Its all sorts of consipiracy theories and all sorts of stutf. God. I can't believe I used to actually use a gopher client... I found it again because I was doing a little reading about scientolgy. I also refound the Church of Subgenius page, and the church of discordia both of which are VERY crazy shit.

Sweet!!! I just found this big ass page of Mr. T sound clips!!! JOY!

AHHHHHHH... This is scarey. But I guess the uglys need help getting hooked up too....but...blech...

Ummmm apperantly the sun is going to explode tommorow. That kinda ruins all my big plans.. Has anyone heard about the actual story behind this (with the GIANT fucking solar flare and all)

Wheeeeeee games

Hahahaha. Today I got a hit in my logs from someone with the hostname youra.crackhoe.com
thats fucking awesome! And this is their page!!! Whoever you are, your my new hero...

Check out todays BLECH OF THE DAY

I found this site today and I'm quit impressed... I may add them to my links.. When I get them back up!

God. I hate to be wrong. I clicked on a banner ad just a minute ago... And what it led me to was awesome. Thru a banner ad on the pokey the penguin site I found this site. And behold it for it is awesome.

I don't know who these guys are, but they got a link up to this site which makes me quite pleased. They need to make their cell for the table so it shrinks down to size on a smaller rez monitor though. Otherwise the design is pretty cool..

Well. I am gonna to play a little AOE2 and then take a nap and then post some more. Word up!

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