All the answers are within

Ok. Not ALL of them. But some. Like "What do I do if I am trying to raise my child in the way of satan and he is getting teased at school?"

Well for that you could allways check out this handy guide.

Or how about this one "My boyfriend/girlfriend sports a mighty mullet and I want to do something romantic for him/her/it"

My friend then this site is for you. Here is what you do. You have a nice romantic dinner. Candles (Not too many. You don't want your mates emaculate neck blanket to catch fire now do we?), and some wine and then you and it snuggle up to a nice cozy fire and you can read them some beautiful mullet poetry.

Well maybe this is you "I don't really have a girl friend or anything. I'm lonely all the time and I really want someone to hump that isn't going to just leave me"

Then for you I have this website and this FAQ. I'm sure with the help of these two links you should be able to dig something up.

"Jon. You haven't really answered any of my questions. All you have done is provided funny links for me to visit. Where can I go for real answers??"

Well I'm sorry. I guess if you really wanted some answers you could check out the guys over at the straight dope, Or you could just ask Satan. He will be happy to help. If neither of those help then you may check out Gorm the wired viking.

This all comes because the last couple days I have been getting reminded about a site that I really loved alot that went away. The site was called Forum 2000. It was based on the premise that it was a huge artificial inteligence matrix that would answer your questions thru multiple manifested personalities that it had. It was VERY funny and VERY original. I used to visit it nearly daily. But like many great things on the net soon after you find them they go away. Here is the article from slashdot from when it happened last year. I actually remember the day that I read that. Luckily when there is innovation there are spinoffs and twists. So the forum spirit was kept alive in other sites. This all comes up because of a new site that I found a few days ago that is this type of site. So I have once again plunged myself into the crazy world of the forums and its quite good!

Here are some relevant links if what I said piqued your intrest. I find them quit funny and interesting and I will probably put a links catagory for them on the left hand side.

Fake Forum. Allmost as good as the read thing.
Conversatron!!! Boing!
The true meaning of life!
Master Ninja. The newest addition!

Well I think thats it for right now. Make sure you check out my crap on ebay, and listen to jonsnews radio!

Oh yeah. Scott said that my furby auction is evil. Just because i threaten to kill and multilate it if noone picks up the auction doesn't matter does it? Is that wrong?

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