New voice at Jonsnews.com

Well, I'd like to thank Jon for letting me borrow some of his website, and to let me have my 5 minutes of fame. Jon has agreed to let me rant and rave about whatever I wanted. Well, maybe not whatever I wanted, I wouldn't want to offend TOO many people. So here in my little space you won't find links to some sick perverts website that likes to dress like Peter Pan or (shudders just thinking about it) the Poufbunny Pinup Parlor. Here I will state what I think is wrong with the world. I don't want anyone to take offence in anything that I would ever state here. Its not ment to offend, for its only one person's opinion in a world of opinions. BUT if you happen to become offended about anything that I would ever state here, please do not bother the humble webmaster. Send all comments, hate mail and death threats to me CJ
I'm not going to post any thoughts today. But I shall in the future. Stay tuned for later postings.

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