Can't save myself, cause myself keeps slipping away

Every now and then I really like a little NIN.. I'm not a huge fan but sometimes it really fits my mood.

So I was offline all this weekend. Saturday right after work I went up to Girls and we hung out and went to her sisters performance which rocked serious ass. And then we went to her house and then decided to come down here so we could go to church in the morning. So sunday comes around and we go to church and i can honestly say that what happened there sunday really reaffirmed my spirit and my faith. I'm not a huge proponent of religion. I don't really like the word and I don't really like organised religion. I don't like alot of the dogma attached to it. I don't like how they strive to tell you how and when its ok to be with god and pray to him. But sunday I could really feel it happening. Its been awhile since I have had a really spiritual experience. Its been allmost four years now since I really found god in my life and sunday was a great affirmation about his place in my life.
It was really strong. I even cried at a couple points because it all just felt so incredible.
I know some of you won't really believe that I'm a spiritual man. But I believe in god. I think everyone should believe on their own terms. Church is a great place to go to worship and have your faith strenghtened. But its not the only place. You can do it outside as the breeze blows on your face, or inside as you lay in bed next to the one you love.
I'm not even going to reread that paragraph because I know it skips around and probably makes me sound crazy. But church sunday put a really good feeling into me that won't be going away for awhile. It ws very powerful.

Well I gotta cut to work. But i will try to post from there if the weather is ok (I'll explain that reference later)

UImmm oh yeah! Check out this article from the web standards guys about how we should stop worrying about older browsers and everyone should begin to use newer browsers. Webmasters should be fighting to make their page work with old browsers. We should be doing stuff for people with newer ones that look good.
I kind of agree. When i designed this page I only tested it in IE 4 & 5 on a windows machine. I really don't know if it works with netscape. Netscape can't even fucking support frames. So read the article. They are challenging web designers to make their shit tighter. So do it. Fuck those with windows 3.1 browsing on fucking IE 2 or 3...

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