i have created a monster!!!
now, i new that i started a bad thing with my superstitions at work. but i truly think that this has gotten outta hand.

i heard someone refer to "when it stops snowing" and i didn't realize what the hell they were talking about at the time, and now, i see poor jon actually afraid to even type it out.

i mean, all i did was simply say not to say "that one word". only because it would be bad. and now, we (i say we, because, i am a big part of the problem) have created the whole support gods, and how we can anger them and how they punish us with calls.

i'm just glad we haven't started doing sacrifices yet. (of coarse, if it helps...)

if you have ever doubted the power of the gods, just ask joel. not only did he wield the power one day. but he questioned the very existance of the power. it was one of the busiest days ever. he learned his lesson. of coarse, if not, there always is that sacrifice thing.

well, i just wanted to say, i'm sorry for all that i have created with this whole power thing. and to say "I HOPE ITS NOT BUSY TOMOROW!!!" hehehe

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