I kinda suck

Sorry I didn't post yesterday or today. Monday was like a 13 hour week at work and today was about nine.

I just realised how stupid that sentance is.

Since I am writing this I AM posting today. So I guess that I don't just suck. I am retarded too.


I think this is going to be a big post. You know why? Cause I got alot of stuff to do tommorow. So I may not get to post until late. So don't spend it all in one shot.

I kinda have a idea of something that I can do to kind of diversify the site and add something to it. Its something that I enjoy and I'll be working on it the next couple days maybe.

god. This guinea pig fucking knows how to hump!

And speaking of crazy humpers. Check out this article.

Man. I have been playing Legend of Zelda on the NES the last couple days. That game rocks so much ass..I have allways loved zelda. The SNES one kicked too. Here is a pretty cool zelda page.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh Ok. These guys are called Rainbow Flava. Is it just me or does that name SCREAM gay rappers?

And since I am mentioning music, these guys made me very happy today.

I find this really interesting. It seems that Bin Laden is hiding secret messages to cells of his terrorist organization in porn on the internet. Thats such a fucking awesome idea. If you didn't know exactly what to look for it would be impossible to pick the wheat from the chaf. God imagine if you just encoded it in about a dozen or so random jpgs and threw them into a newsgroup for your contact to pick up.

Well I really wanted to write a long post. But my house is fucking freezing cause I am trying to cut down my bills by only heating one room. And its not my computer room. So i will post again in the morning.

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