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I fucked up with that repeating post. I didn't think blogger was sending it so I hit post and publish again and BIZZAM it worked and I didn't notice. To make up with it I dug this link out of my sent items. This is pretty hardcore old school when I used to disseminate my wacky links thru email to my cow orkers

So check it. Its best to let your eyes blur. Its REALLY hard to understand what you are seeing. But just watch for about 5 minutes.. Oh yeah its the perennial porn classic deep throat. Rendered in ASCII. If the ASCII thing does it for you check out asciibabes dot com too while you are at it. And for the record I still denounce that its pronounced ASS-KEY It sounds like Ah-sigh.

I just took the jpg out of the post from about 4 days ago that was making the entire site not work properly. Like it couldn't get small and stufff. So thats fixed.

There are some real wackos out there. I mean. I love conspiracy theories and shit about aliens and stuff.. but this is a bit silly.. Its still true to this day. You can find the biggest cooks on usenet. Check out your local news server for some REALLY crazy shit. Try alt.conspiracy if you have it. But I still love to read this crazy shit. AHHhhhhhhhhhhhh only on the internet...

Go download some kid koala on your napster. Kids today.. they love the napster...

I don't care if its just a fucking mock up or not. This looks insanely cool!

I've been playing the oldschool NES zelda pretty hardcore the last couple weeks. I am excited to play this after I finally smash gannon.

You know my friends.. I haven't had a really good religious link on here for awhile. At least one that really stuck out to me. Not like the jesus dildo. Or that kind of stuff... Well here is a nice little link with some good old fashioned religious money makin fools. Oh yeah. Selling god in chewey bites.

I am sooooooooooo going to move to Africa.. Just for this!

I know its for science and all..... But its still REALLY fucked up.. Allmost fucked up as that Infrared porn that I found that time.. Now that shit was freaky!

Lately I have been putting some of my shit up on ebay.. But it makes me cry that this guys FUCKING LINT has more bids then my playstation with 10 games and all sorts of other shit. Bah!

God. People amaze me. The fact that someone was stupid enough to not realise that there is no such thing as a 200 dollar bill with fucking BUSH on the front fucking puts me in awe.

This game is very very very very fun. Its like click-o-mania on acid and crack.

This is really great. Its a weblog told from a dogs point of view.. Good stuff!

Damn the Man has some pretty good stuff on it. Definatly choice is the Bob Saget interview. Its good good good stuff.
heres a quote:
At the time this article is posted, Bob Saget is without representation and a label, though he plans on starting his own later on this year. "Gotta do what a muthafucka gotta do," he says, smiling like a jackass. "If people gonna hate, you gotta hate right back, dog. My brotha John Stamos is gonna hook me up wit some fine-ass women his model wife be doin' that wacky-ass lesbian shit wit. Yimme yimme ya ya!"

The pop up banners suck though. Everyone asks me why I don't have banners on this site. Fuck that. I hate banners. You guys hate banners. I do this site as something that I would want to come and read. So I it the way I would like it.

This is kind of depressing. But its fucking great too. And its inspirational too. I wasn't sure if I was going to post it or not at first. It was like my own little nugget of cool on the internet. I sat and read this and was totally setting everything aside while I read it because it just drew me in. But I'm going to put it up here. Not even sure if you guys will like it or not. But I thought it was a really good read.

So. Can I sign up for one of these yet??? FUck IT. I want one of these.

I found this site when it was still fortheloveofjulie dot com Its fucking disturbing. Ugh. Weirdos I tell you.

Creepysites has some other really weird sites that deserve checking out. So check out Cassandras site, And my son peter is.. REALLY creepy.

On a lighter note. Go buy yourself a wife at the LOVE MALL

And here is your official big time BLECH OF THE DAY!

Ok. Well thats it for tonight. Its very cold and I am done with my cocoa so its beddy time for me.. My tummy is feeling better now. So i think its time to get some nice dreams happening.

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